How To Monitor Off using Turn Off Monitor Utility

Turn Monitor Off Using System Tray Icon

Download Monitor Off Screensaver to have a look at what the given below software utility has to offer. No installation needed, just extract and double click to launch the screensaver.

Download Free Trial of the utility to Turn Monitor Off Now

Note : Once Monitor is Turned Off using appropriate method (excluding Hibernate and Wakeup Computer Option) using any of the ways described above, Monitor will be Turned On again with any kind of user input (e.g. Mouse Movement or Keyboard Input etc)

Order your copy of software download to turn monitor off

Order your copy of the software by paying in $9.99 only, and turn monitor off with ease and as required.

Why to Switch Monitor Off using Turn Off Monitor Utility?

Control Dual Monitors Software to Enable / Disable Monitors, Dual Monitor Shortcut, etc.

Control Monitor on / off

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