Hibernate and Wake Up Computer

Hibernate Computer Now and wakeup Computer automtically. Wakeup Computer from Hibernation mode after defined duration or at defined date / time. Download and try the Software Utility to Hibernate and Wakeup Computer automatically.

How to Hibernate and WakeUp or Auto Power On

Note : Working of Hibernate and Wakeup option depends on Computer Hardware and hence it would be a great idea to do a test run before actually using the functionality, also our tests suggest that in order for the WakeUp Option to work, computer must be connected to AC Power and WakeUp Option does not work when Laptop is working on Battery.

Hibernate and WakeUp Dialog Box

Hibernate and WakeUp Dialog Box

Tray Menu to Launch Hibernate and Wakeup

Use System Tray menu to invoke Hibernate and Wakeup Dialog Box

Navigate to Monitor Off page for indivual features list.