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Turn Monitor Off Using System Tray Icon

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Right Click on Desktop to monitor off for windows vista, switch to classic theme, and much more.

Monitor Off with Desktop Shortcut,Monitor Off with Hot Key or Use System Tray Icon.

Double Click On Desktop Shortcut to Monitor Off

Use System Tray Icon to Monitor Off

Monitor Off when Mouse Cursor reaches top left

Monitor Off when Computer Remains idle(No User Input) for defined duration

Monitor Off after configurable duration (in minutes)

Monitor Off by pressing System Wide Hot Key

Lock Computer and Monitor Off Simultaneously

Hibernate and WakeUp / Resume or Auto Power On Computer

Create Desktop Shortcuts to Monitor Off, Hibernate, Shutdown and more...

Change Default ScreenSaver and Preview Default ScreenSaver easily

Start ScreenSaver,Preview Screensaver,Configure ScreenSaver easily

Monitor On with Desktop Shortcut

Monitor Off is different than running Blank Screensaver to blank screen

Create Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer

Desktop Shortcut to Lock Computer,Lock Keyboard, Lock Mouse and more

Save Power by turning Monitor Off whenever Monitor display not required

Blank Screen (different than Turning Monitor Off) with Desktop Shortcut

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